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How to Find Firewood in the Muskegon Area

So. You have a wood stove or a wood furnace and unless you have a large wooded lot or know somebody who does, you're suddenly stuck with the question "Where do I find wood?" The good news is, there's plenty of wood to be had. The bad news is, it's going to take a lot of work to get it unless you just buy it outright.

How to Find Firewood in the Muskegon Area

For a quick firewood fix, drive down along Lake Harbor Rd. and Pontaluna Rd. near Hoffmaster State Park. Homes near the Hoffmaster Campground have taken to selling wood to the campers ever since the State started cracking down on transporting wood in an attempt to slow the spread of the emerald ash borer. Be warned, though. It's not particularly cheap wood, going for about $3 a bundle. But it is convenient wood. Along Lake Harbor some homes sell firewood for $5 per small wheel barrow, which is a slightly better deal.

A man on Henry Street -- about a half mile to a mile from where Henry intersects with Pontaluna -- sells large chunks of firewood for $1 per six pieces. He's just as likely to have softwood and pine as hardwood, however.

If you're looking for much larger quantities of firewood, and you're looking to buy rather than cut your own, you can call tree trimming services. They tend to sell firewood for $150 per cord (a stack of wood 8'x4'x4'). This wood is usually pretty green, and needs to be seasoned for a year before it's good for burning.

A farmhouse on Martin Rd. sells seasoned firewood. The farmhosue is where Martin Rd. becomes a dirt road, near where it intersects with E. Sternberg. They have stacks of firewood, and they sell it by the cord for around $150 per cord.

You can also drive around the boonies, such as along Maple Island Road, and search for signs saying "Firewood for Sale."

If you don't mind some work, and want to harvest firewood yourself, you can let your friends know you want to slice and dice their trees for them when the trees die or fall in a storm. After a couple years, you'll likely have more offers to come and take wood than you can personally handle.

Finally, the State of Michigan sells fuel wood harvesting permits for $20. For that $20 you can harvest up to 5 cords of wood from State land for personal use.

Looking for a budget-friendly way to heat your home this winter? A fuelwood permit from the Department of Natural Resources may be the most economical option for those who heat with a woodstove or fireplace.

Available for only $20, a fuelwood permit allows a family to gather up to five cords of wood from state land per year between April 1 and Dec. 31. With less than one month until the fuelwood season closes, the DNR has seen a surge in permit applications this fall as more people headed into the woods to stock up on wood for the winter.