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Welcome to Muskegon!

Land where people don't care what you think. And we like it that way. Join us, and stop giving a crap for a week. It's refreshing.

There's all sorts of stuff to do here...but I can't stress enough what a good idea it is to take advantage of your time here and embrace your inner Muskegonite and breath in the oddity and eccentricity that is Muskegon. Sure there's a huge amusement park/water park and miles and miles of white sand beaches...sure there's charter fishing out on the Big Lake and an Olympic grade luge track if you're into going Really Fast On Snow. Sure we've got some historical figures buried in our cemeteries and some delicious places to eat...

But when you're in Muskegon, it's also important to let out your inner eccentricity. So the first thing to do before engaging Muskegon is to cleanse and purify yourself...go outside and say these words out loud to the sky "I don't care. I don't care what you think. I don't. I really don't. Oh yeah, tough guy? Well guess what? I don't care. Uh oh! Who's that on the phone? I don't care! I just don't care."

There. Did ya do it?


Now your neighbors think you're crazy. You'll fit right in here. And now, here are some fun things to do...

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Things To Do in Muskegon that Cost Monies

  • Michigan's Adventure. This is a huge amusement park with a water park and a roller-coaster type park. It's a blast. You can easily spend a couple days here.
  • Craig's Cruisers Mini golf, go carts, water tubey things, laser tag...if you've got kids or need to get some quality fun time in with a significant other, this is a good place to spend an afternoon.
  • Muskegon Museum of Art This museum usually has some super-cool special exhibits as well as famous works on permanent display.
  • Tour a big boat and a submarine at the Great Lakes Naval Museum. There's also the huge WWII transport ship LST 393.
  • Charter fishing. Like Red Bull and Vodka, this is an intoxicating mix of relaxation and adrenaline. Pick up a phone book and look in the yellow pages for charter fishing. Chances are you'll end up with a couple huge salmon or rainbow trout for your dinner.
  • Visit the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning. Ignore the folks selling the bananas and go right for the fresh, locally picked fruit. Muskegon county is crazy with fresh fruit in the summer, and each couple of weeks brings a new harvest of local produce...don't miss Cherry season and buy yourself a half dozen varieties of cherries and just gorge yourself with them. And plum season. And apple season. All the seasons are good. Don't forget to stop by The Cheese Lady and get a free sample of some fancy imported cheese.
  • Summer Celebration. Weeks of bands and entertainment. The restaurants and bars downtown are filled to capacity during this event. It's a fun time. Beer, music, rides...a wonderfully dangerous combination.
  • Golf. you're into golf, there's a zillion place to golf here. All too often I hear people say to each other "You goin' golfing?" and the other person says "Yeah." So you can golf your brains out here, if you're into it. Seriously, when I lived in Iowa, I mentioned to some avid golfer that I was from Muskegon and he got very excited about the golf courses here. Apparently they're great, and well priced.
  • Roller Skating - Jumpin' Jupiter is the largest skating facility along the Lakeshore. In addition to a huge skate facility it has arcade games and an indoor childrens' playground.
  • Beer Tents. Muskegon is the beer tent capital of the universe. A beer tent is like a "beer garden" at a fancy brew house. Except in this case, it's in a tent and they only serve Miller and Miller Lite. Maybe Budweiser. Sometimes beer tents include entertainment. Often times they just include a roped off area where you can drink beer outdoors...or in a tent.
  • See an Art Flick at the Harbor Theater. Yeah, that's right. Muskegon has an awesome independent movie theater with independent films, and art house films, and fancy schmancy films. And maybe, just maybe, you can bring your own beer and maybe nobody will say anything about it, while you sip your Lambic Framboise or chocolate stout and watch something awesome. (231) 457-4273
  • Bike Time This is a HUGE motorcycle / biker event, with tens of thousands of bikes and bikers just biking it up. Lots of fun. Takes place around Mid July.

    Free Things to Do in Muskegon

    • Hang Out at The Beach. Okay....It constantly floors me that people Don't Know about the West Michigan beaches. People from around the country have No Idea. We're talking about a continuous strand of white sand beach running for about 300 miles from north to south. Yes it's natural and Yes, it goes on for MILES. The sand is fine and soft and is almost pure silica, to the point where it squeaks under your feet when you walk on it during a hot day. It extends for miles into Lake Michigan, so the lake has a soft, sandy bottom without any muck. Just sit and bask on the beach for days. No sharks, no jelly fish, no salty film on your body after swimming...just water, sun, and sand. And best of all, there's no shortage of beaches, so they're not over-crowded. Pere Marquette beach in Muskegon is regularly rated one of the 50 cleanest public beaches in America.
    • Is Lake Michigan Too Cold? Then go to
      View Larger Map">Duck Lake and swim in the nice shallow channel between Duck Lake and Lake Michigan Great for kids!
    • Lakeshore Museum Center - Free fun for the whole family including a Children's Museum full of things to explore and learn. Learn about the area's rich cultural and natural history.
    • Planetarium - The Muskegon Community College planetarium is open Free to the public September through June, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00 PM.
    • Go Fishing - Come on, there are fifty- seven lakes in Muskegon County and plenty of streams and rivers, this is your opportunity to fish and spend some quality time with nature and maybe catch a bite to eat at your campground.
    • Gilette Sand Dune Visitor Center - (Semi-Free, you'll need to purchase a $20 State Park sticker for your car, which will get you into any part in the state for a year) - This visitor center has a museum dedicated to dune formations and eco-systems and a small zoo of fish, turtles, and reptiles found in the area.
    • Learn about Michigan raptors at the Bravehart Raptor Rehabilitation Center: Get a close look at some of Michigan's most awesome birds, with a guided tour from bird rehabilitation experts...there's even a place where kids can touch real talons, wings and bird skeletons. The Center is open to the public from April through October two days per month, the 2nd Thursday and the 2nd Sunday of each month from 1 to 4pm.

    No fee for admission.

    Here's a list from the Chamber of Commerce A Hundred and One Things to Do in Muskegon