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Software For Office or Small Business

Resources and Free Software For Office and Small Business Use

This page contains links to free or affordable resources for office or small business use. Before you spend vast sums of money on brand name software, give these applications a try, simply because payroll is far more important than sending your money to a big name company.

Free Image Editor

It's called The Gimp, and it's a powerful image editing application you can use to create logos, modify pictures, and make the building blocks of brochures and other marketing materials.

Free Word Processor

OpenOffice Writer is a comprehensive word processing tool which can open common word processor files (like MS Word) and can save files as common word processor files as well as PDF. If you're into the whole mail merge thing, Open Office can do that, too. This word processor comes with a suite of tools, including a spreadsheet tool, multimedia presentation tool, a database tool, a math tool, and a drawing tool.

Free Spreadsheet Software

The OpenOffice suite includes a full featured spreadsheet application called Calc. Learn more about it here

Free Multimedia Presentation Tool

A free alternative to popular applications like PowerPoint, OpenOffice Impress helps you create outstanding, professional presentations.