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The Muskegon Critic liberal think tank is a compilation of published academic research papers that promote common sense, progressive solutions to America's most pressing issues. The goal of this progressive think tank is to provide liberal and progressive bloggers, thinkers, and writers with a compilation of documents that will help them speak in a more comprehensive way about meaningful and important topics, and back up their statements with hard science.

The Muskegon Critic liberal think tank just started in August 2011, so please bear with us while we continue to populate the page with documents.

How Poor Are America's Poor?

View HTML File: How Poor Are America's Poor? -- This document debunks Heritage Foundation claims that America's poor are well off.

2011 -- "Some researchers contend the poor in the UnitedStates are not all that poor. But their studies aremisleading. Steven Pressman explains why and thensets the record straight"

Dr. Steven Pressman, Professor of Economics and Finance and Monmouth University

The Economic Costs of Poverty in the United States: Subsequent Effects of Children Growing Up Poor

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Harry J. Holzer
Georgetown University and the Urban Institute

This document shows how Child Poverty in America causes a drag on the US economy, amounting to a lost revenue of around 4% of GDP, or 500 billion dollars, due to poor health, poor development, and increased propensity to commit crime.

St. Claire River Report

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This study was designed to determine if changes to the St. Claire River were affecting Upper Great Lakes water levels. Changes in climate were determined to be a major factor in Great Lakes water levels

"- Climate is the main driver of lake level relationships over time and accounts for 9 to 17 cm (3.5 to 6.7 inches) of the decline in head difference. In particular, hydroclimatic change contributed to a substantial decline in net water supplies to Lake Michigan, Huron in the most recent decade. "

Beyond Business As Usual

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Synapse Energy Economics, Inc. -- Prepared for the Civil Society Institute

This document explores the feasibility and logistics of removing coal entirely from America's energy production portfolio.

"Investigating a Future without Coal and Nuclear Power in the U.S. "

Child Well Being Report: Kids Count Report

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This document shows child poverty and well being rates by state

Annie E. Casey Foundation

USDA Chart Depicting National Surge in Number of Farmer's Markets

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Farmer's markets have grown in number and popularity at an accelerating rate, picking up more speed during the Great Recession. The 2010 to 2010 17% increase was the largest single year jump in number of farmers markets ever recorded.