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Photos - March 2007


Lake Michigan from Muskegon on a foggy morning in March. It's 9:30 and the beach appears to have been pretty well traveled already this morning. Folks with their dogs are out and occasionally a big black lab or a husky will come barreling out of the mist.

It's March so the trees are naked. Closer to the lake the trees are twisted and gnarly from decades of being battered by wind storms that had 80 miles of flat lake to build up some good good force. These haggard trees are on the front lines. I wanted to get more good pictures of these trees in the fog, but the fog was too dense to get some good pics this time.


This is the channel that connects Mona Lake and Lake Michigan. Lotta jet-skis come through here to leap around on the big waves.


These are some of the haunted ruins of Lake Harbor Park. A little over a hundred years ago Lake Harbor Park in Muskegon was part of a resort for the super-rich lumber barons and wealthy people from Chicago. The resort burned to the ground in the early 1900s. Some foundations and big bricks still survive.


These houses stand where the main part of the resort once stood.
The Lady of Lake Harbor Park watches over boaters as they pass through on their way to Lake Michigan.


Want some sandbox sand? Whole buildings and ghost towns have been swallowed by the shifting white-sands along the coast of Lake Michigan. West Michigan cities are in a constant battle to keep lakeside streets and buildings from getting buried under shifting sands. Here you can see how the previous board-walk was absorbed by a dune, and the city just built a new boardwalk on top of it.