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Photos - June - July 2007

Muskegon Photos June - July 2007


From atop a dune at Lake Harbor Park in Muskegon you can see Lake Michigan stretch on forever. The lighter streaks in the water are shallow sand bars. Look closely and you can see teeny weeny sailboats off in the distance.

Some beach goers laying on the soft sand. It's fairly early in the day and the folks here are in it for the sun.


This is the channel that leads from Mona Lake in Muskegon to Lake Michigan. Lookit the sparkly and smooth.

Okay...I've taken a close-up of the sand here. Pure Michigan gold, baby. This stuff is almost entirely silica, so pure is squeaks when you walk on it with your bare feet. And it lines the beaches for hundreds of miles, lines the bottom of the lake, and piles up in dunes a hundred feet tall. This is the sugar that helps make the West Coast of Michigan so nice in the summer. There's so much of it that Nugent Sand in Muskegon, Michigan mines it and sends it all over the world.


Fishing, boating, or just leaning against a retaining wall, folks come from all over the country to Lake Harbor Park in Muskegon, fuled in part by the close proximity to Hoffmaster State Park and the Maranatha resort.


Lake Michigan on a windy day. Water's warm today, but the wind tends to blow the sand at beach goers, and getting sand-blasted hurts. That's probably why the beach is empty today. See those dunes up there? There are a lot of nice trails and woods in there for a short afternoon hike. Clear out by 10:00 PM though because that's when the young whipper-snappers take over with their hula-hoops and their hooch.

However...if you happen to be into water sports, windy days can be fun. These aren't particularly big waves, but enough to do some jumps.

Once again, the fabled ruins of Lake Harbor Park. A hundred years ago there was a fancy resort here that burned to the ground in the late 1800s, and there was also a luxurious estate with fountains and ponds peppered throughout....but I'm not entirely clear on where one began and the other ended. These are some of the large bricks that made up a structure, and the old foundation.


A wide shot of this portion of the ruins. When the resort once stood nearby (Most of it across the channel from here), there was a train that carried people along the beach from the resort to Pere Marquette beach a few miles north. The problem, however, was that the shifting and blowing sands were constantly burying the tracks, making them impractical. After only a few years the tracks were removed. This structure would have been near the tracks.