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Most of these stats come from the Downtown Muskegon website which is a fantastic source of information about the Muskegon area.

Muskegon Demographics and Business Stats This 2008 document provides info about Muskegon and surrounding areas in three general columns: Information on Downtown Muskegon including a 1 mile radius, a 3 mile radius, and a 5 mile radius.

Who Lives Here, What's Their Heritage, What Language Do They Speak, And How Much Cash Do They Have? If you've ever wondered how many folks of Welsh, Lithuanian, or Pacific Island heritage live in Muskegon County, well, now you can have that information at your fingertips. This also tells you the breakdown of home values in the area.

Event Attendance - A breakdown of attendance at 21 Muskegon festivals, totalling 1,550,637 visitors in a city of about 90,000. Not so shabby.

From the US Department of Labor

Ranking of Unemployment Rates for Metropolitan Areas kinda have to scroll down to the bottom to find Muskegon.