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How to disable popup from McAfee software "Special Renewal Savings"

How to disable popup from McAfee software \"Special Renewal Savings\" and other \"Special Offers\"

Are you getting a pop up from the lower right of your computer screen with McAfee / Dell special offers ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME and you don't know how to get rid of them forever?

Here's how to do that: Delete McAfee from your computer and install or something else.

That's the only surefire way to get rid of that blasted pop up. I'm writing this page as a public service for folks wasting their time looking for a solution and finding nothing.

If you're here on this page, it's probably because you, like me, went searching on Google desperate to find a way to get rid of that stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid McAffee/Dell Special Offer pop-up and found absolutely nothing helpful out there.

You used search terms like "Sonovab@#$! How do I get rid of that F@#$ING McAfee popup?!?!" and "Is there seriously no way to stop that McAfee pop up from showing up?" or "What God do I need to sacrifice my firstborn son to to permanently disable these Special Offer pop ups?"

The answer is: Who knows? It's not worth your time. Just can McAfee and install something else. Easy. Here's that link to Avast again:

- It's free
AVG is good too - also free

I was hesitant to get rid of McAfee for way too long, and I endured months of constant pop-ups and special offers. I, like you, searched around the web looking for some help. I trudged through McAfee support comment threads and found snide comments from "volunteer" McAfee forum moderators.

Okay...what the hell is a huge company like McAfee doing using "volunteer" moderators for anyway? Just hire somebody to help out your customers for the love of god. I hear Romania has cheap labor still (Hi Romania, I really like your plumb brandy, by the way. Lovely country). Just hire a gaggle or smart Romanians to do your web support. They'd be much better than what you've got.

And still without answers I thought "well...a free installation came with my new computer, so I might as well use the full year" and I worried that uninstalling it would lead to an onslaught of viruses and nasty things.

But here's the thing....nothing bad is going to happen if you uninstall McAfee and install AVG or Avast or some other free virus protection.

It's going to make your life a million times easier. Just do it and don't look back.

Seriously. It's the only way.

My computer is fine. Nothing bad has happened. And I haven't had any pop up offers. Just do it. Get it over with. And you'll be happier.