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How Do I Promote My Small Business?

...and you said to the brand and marketing firm "You're right. I can't afford to not use your services. But, even worse, I also can't afford to NOT not use your services."

So you know you need to promote your business, and for whatever reason you can't or don't want to hire a professional brand and marketing firm. This page will give you basic brand strategies as well as some resources and ideas for Do-It-Yourself marketing.

Develop A Theme

You'll want to really hammer people over the head with what you do and why they should give you money. And like a good hammering, it needs to be short and delivered with consistency. Consider what you want people to think about when they hear your company name and put that into every marketing piece you put out.

Learn about brand here: What Is Brand?

Get Some Outside Opinions About Your Business

Find out what your potential clients think about your company. One good way is to just ask them. Bear in mind that people won't be honest with you if they know they're talking to the owner. Find somebody else, perhaps a friend, to do some undercover research for you. It's important to know What People Think Of You...or even if they know you exist.

DIY Tag Lines And Fancy Phrases For Small Business

Make a tag line. Make it fit with your theme. Put it everywhere.

Does your tag line need to be clever? Does it need to ROCK everybody's world or blow their minds? Does it need to tell people about every detail of your business? Does it need to win a Pulitzer?

No. It needs to communicate What You Do. And if you feel extra ambitious, it can also explain Why People Should Give You Money. But keep it short.